Poolside Glam: The Truth about Wearing Jewelry in the Pool

Many have wanted to know the truth about wearing jewelry in the pool. Is it worth it? Is it safe? Can I wear jewelry in the pool? Aside from the beauty it provides, is there a side effect to my jewelry when worn in the pool?

These are questions many people who go to the pool ask. This is because, for the longest time, the oldest warning in the book to jewelry owners is to take off every piece of jewelry before going into the pool. Yet, many are left wishing they had on a particular type of jewelry when they took a picture to get the perfect poolside glam and searching for answers to the question, “Can I put on jewelry in the pool?”

Therefore, the answer to this question depends on your jewelry type. This article reveals the truth about wearing jewelry in the pool and the best jewelry suitable for your poolside glam.

The Beauty Of Wearing Jewelry to the Pool

Aside from the swimsuit we wear, there is something super enhancing about wearing jewelry to the pool. Whether it is a pair of statement earrings, rings, or bangles, a delicate necklace, waist jewelry, or wrist-adorned bracelets, jewelry worn to the pool is an extensive look enhancer and head turner. 

It is for this reason that many wear jewelry to the pool, but the big question remains, “Can you wear jewelry in the pool?” Before doing that, let’s look at common warnings about wearing jewelry in the pool.

Common Warnings on Wearing Jewelry in the Pool

When it comes to jewelry, the most common warning given to jewelry users is the avoidance of some certain type of water. Generally, water isn’t entirely harmful to your jewelry, but there are some types of water that can harm the jewelry. One such is the pool water.

If the water in the pool was pure, wearing any jewelry is okay. However, because different chemicals are added to the pool water, it is advised for jewelry wearers to take off their jewelry before going into the pool for the following reasons.

Chlorine Leads to Tarnishing

This is the biggest reason. Chlorine is the main chemical added in pools and strongly reacts to certain metals. For instance, if your jewelry has zinc, copper, or metal alloys, there is a very high chance for it to react with Chlorine, causing it to lose its shine, take on a different color and finish, and become dull.

There is a High Chance of Losing Jewelry

Also, there is a high chance you can easily lose your jewelry, especially if it’s a ring, bracelet, or bangle. When in the pool, the fingers shrink due to the cold, allowing the jewelry to slip off easily.


Lotions and Sunscreens can Damage Jewelry

There is also a warning that the type of sunscreen or lotion you wear can irreparably damage the jewelry, especially if a gemstone is present. The products accumulate on the jewelry, making it lose color and appear dirty.

These reasons are why it is always advised for people to take off their jewelry before going into the pool. But since this is unacceptable for many people, we are back to the question:

Can You Wear Jewelry in the Pool?

Yes, you can. There is some jewelry that you can comfortably wear into the pool without fearing it tarnishing or greening. Out of the list, one stands tall among all.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry is one of the best and safest in the pool. Having a composition of chromium, nickel, iron, etc., stainless steel jewelry is basically waterproof. Their composition makes them rust-free, oxidization-free, highly sustainable, medically graded, resistant to corrosion, tarnish-free, and color-fading resilient. They are highly durable as they can withstand prolonged exposure to water, various temperature weathers, and wear and tear.

Its plating or coating makes it one of the most sturdy, waterproof jewelry. Coated using a different and advanced coating process known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD, the stainless steel jewelry becomes 10x stronger, tougher, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, and easy to maintain.

Best of all, all stainless steel jewelry is affordable.

Other jewelry you can wear in the pool include

Titanium Jewelry

Aside from stainless steel, this is second in line. This is one material that Chlorine rarely reacts with. It can be worn in the pool any time of the day. However, titanium with silver or gold alloys should not be worn in the pool as these alloys react with Chlorine. Also, it is costly; replacing it could burn a hole in your pocket.

Solid Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has always been known for its resistant-ability and durability if maintained properly. However, not all gold jewelry is water-resistant. The only one that is available is solid gold. Solid gold jewelry is pool-safe jewelry.

The solid gold jewelry safe for the pool is 10K, 14K, 18K, or 22K. They are durable and won’t rust or tarnish. However, it is important to note that gold karats lower than these would be easily damaged. Solid gold jewelry is expensive and can easily fall off in the pool.

Aluminum Jewelry

This jewelry material is not popular. However, it is one that can be worn in the pool without worrying about chlorine reaction. 

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry is another piece that can be worn in the pool. It has various coatings that make it corrosion-resistant. The downside, however, is that when platinum jewelry is exposed to the pool water for a long period, it starts to dark and lose its shine.

Also, platinum is both affordable and expensive. Due to the amount of metal in the alloy, the price varies. The higher the amount of metal, the higher the price.


The safety of the gemstones on the jewelry is another factor to consider. Gemstones like ruby, tourmaline, sapphire, quartz, and peridot are all safe to be worn in the pool. They all have high durability and water-resistant levels.

What Does Pearlory Think? Can You Wear Jewelry in the Pool?

The answer is yes. You can wear jewelry in the pool. However, it all depends on the type of jewelry. Although the jewelry listed above is suitable to be worn in the pool, Pearlory recommends going for stainless steel jewelry.

The benefits to be enjoyed from this waterproof jewelry piece are numerous, and you will surely have jewelry that lasts longer than you expect.


The truth about wearing jewelry in the pool is that it comes with both risks and rewards. As a result, getting the right jewelry that is strong enough to withstand the Chlorine in the pool can ensure you get the poolside glam you want. Believe it, this is what Pearlory offers.

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