Costume / Fashion Jewelry vs. Tarnish-free jewelry

Costume / Fashion Jewelry


Everyday Jewelry / Tarnish-free

Knowing the difference between costume jewelry and everyday jewelry that is tarnish-free is way more simple than one might think. It all comes down to your budget, your style, and the materials that the pieces are made of. Here’s our guide for the difference between the two. 

Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is also often referred to as ‘fashion jewelry’ depending on the store you may be at. These types of pieces are usually made with less expensive materials which can tarnish easily. These are not your everyday jewelry pieces. Metals like aluminum or copper are one of the most common materials used, which can make the pieces less expensive than fine jewelry. Check out our favorite costume jewelry pieces like the ‘Multi-layer Triangle Necklace’ or the ‘Retro Rings’ which come in a pack of ten! Both of these accessories are made of mixed metals, which is great for those who want a piece that affordable and trendy.

What are the drawbacks?

There can be some drawbacks to costume jewelry. If you have sensitive skin, costume jewelry might not be the right choice for you. Since the materials aren’t as strong as tarnish-free jewelry, costume jewelry can’t be worn for a long period of time. Colors will fade  Always remember to take costume jewelry off before sleeping or doing any physical activity.

Tarnish-free Everyday Jewelry

Tarnish-free jewelry may also be referred to as ‘fine jewelry. This is due to the fact that tarnish-free jewelry is made up of more expensive metals than costume jewelry like gold, platinum, or sterling silver. These materials are a lot stronger than the ones listed above under costume jewelry, and that results in the piece being able to be worn longer than fashion jewelry. Tarnish-free jewelry is also a great option for those that might have sensitive skin or have had allergic reactions to mixed metals in the past. If you’re looking for some timeless pieces of tarnish-free jewelry, check out the ‘Gold Plated Love You More’ necklace or the ‘18k Gold-Plated Chunky Hoop’ earrings.

Can I wear Non-tarnish jewelry everyday?

Keep in mind that, although these pieces can be worn everyday, and can withstand water up to a certain point- they will not last a lifetime. If you love accessories that you can wear for a long time, Tarnish-free jewelry might be the right choice for you ($11.60+ from Pearlory). However, if you are looking for jewelry that can be worn everyday (during swimming, will not react to perfume, etc) – solid gold with at least 14K is the way to go ($400+ from other retailers).

Whether you want a piece that stands the test of time or something that is a little more trendy like costume jewelry, we have a vast collection of accessories to choose from. As always, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @Pearlory and tag us in your photos when you wear our pieces! #MyPearlory

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