Unique Birthday Gifts for Your Sister

Unique Birthday Gifts for Your Sister

Sisters are one-of-a-kind and capturing their personality is essential for giving them a unique and unforgettable birthday gift. Check out our ultimate guide to the best unique birthday gifts to give to your sister below!

Unique Birthday Gifts For the Fashionista…

Here are our top picks for the sister that isn’t afraid to make her outfits her own and is always on trend!

  1. We love these Pink Clear Frame Sunglasses because they can help pull together any outfit with a pop of color.
  2. Check out these Tongue Out Beaded Earrings if your sister is a Rolling Stone fan, she’s going to flip over these! If not, they are sure to make a statement.
  3. Our Blue Pineapple Crystal Earrings can add a tropical, getaway feel to even the most boring outfits. Get these if your sister wants to stand out in the cold!
  4. Check out the Gold & White Natural Pearl Necklace for a twist on classic pearls.
  5. You can’t go wrong with an on-trend crew neck like the Trendy Crewneck Sweater featuring different designs like smiley faces and quotes from iconic movies like Mean Girls.
mesh socks
pink crystal statement earrings

For the risk-taker…

Is your sister always making a statement when it comes to her look? These are some of the most unique birthday gifts you can find, check them out below!

  1. Gold & Black Bohemian Tassel Necklace is a fun take on a faux collar. She can add this to a plain top or even over a black dress for some extra added flare.
  2. Our Lions Head Bracelet is great for the sister that likes to let everyone know she is in charge and ready to take on the world!
  3. If your sister likes to accessorize with big and bold earrings, our Brown Woven Fan Statement Earrings would make a great gift.
  4. Check out these Handmade Clay Earrings for the sister that loves to support artisan crafters.
  5. If you want a piece of jewelry that is completely personalized to her, check out the Personalized Birth Flower Ring!

For the one that loves everything retro…

Whether your sister likes vintage 90s inspired style or way back to the 50s, we’ve curated the list below to make even the most retro sister swoon.

  1. Hair accessories are all over Instagram right now, check out our Red Retro Bow Scrunchie to add a pop of color to any outfit.
  2. Our Gold-Plated Sun Compass Necklace is a stunning piece that your sister can wear every day to remind her where she came from and where she’s going.
  3. If scrunchies aren’t her thing, our Gold Retro Style Hairpin Set is the perfect gift for anyone’s style.
  4. This one is for all of our 90s gals, we are obsessed with Indigo’s The ‘Reagan’ Choker!
  5. Our Leopard Cat Eye Sunglasses are one of our favorite pieces in our eyewear section. The classic cat-eye is a staple in anyone’s closet.
Floral Scarf

We hope our list helped find your sister the perfect birthday gift that is unique as she is! Let us know which one you chose in a comment below.

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