What Jewelry Does Not Tarnish? We have the answers!

Have you ever gone to put on your favorite piece of jewelry only to realize that it’s completely tarnished? We’ve been there too! Tarnishing happens when silver or other metals mix with sweat, makeup, body oil, and other outside substances. This can cause your jewelry pieces to become discolored. If you’re looking for pieces that won’t turn to a different color, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four metals to look for when shopping for new non-tarnish jewelry pieces to add to your collection. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an excellent option for someone that also has sensitive skin because this metal is hypoallergenic. Check out our Stainless Steel Paperclip Chain Necklace to add an edgy flair to any outfit. The Silver Heart Bracelet is our alternative to the popular Tiffany bracelet, and makes a great gift for any holiday. If these don’t match your style, don’t worry we have so many other designs, click here to check those out!

This metal is known for its durability, strength, and ability to last over years of wear. Titanium jewelry like our, Roman Numeral Diamond Bracelet or Gold & White Marble V-Shaped Necklace, effortlessly ties into any style. Not only is titanium strong, but it is also lightweight and won’t weigh you down. Titanium is also hypoallergenic which means it’s a great option for anyone whose skin is sensitive to other types of metals. 

Gold Plating

If you’re looking for gold jewelry without the hefty price tag, gold-plated is a fantastic option that also won’t tarnish. We love adding a pop of gold to our outfits by wearing the Gold-Plated Minimalist Open End Ring or the Gold-Plated Bow Open Ring! Another added bonus is that these rings are adjustable, so they can be worn on any finger you choose. 


Platinum is one of the most popular options for non-tarnish jewelry, especially when looking for engagement rings and wedding bands. This metal is stronger and rarer than gold making platinum a great choice for a gift for that special someone. Platinum is also extremely durable, which makes platinum jewelry perfect for everyday wear without becoming tarnished. 

Pearlory offers many different styles of non-tarnish jewelry at affordable prices that are sure to match anyone’s style. One way to extend the lifetime of your pieces is to use a jewelry stand to make sure they don’t tangle. Whether you’re looking for non-tarnish rings, necklaces, or even chains that go around your mask, check out our selection! 

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