Tips on How to Wear Statement Jewelry

This year is going to be the year of statement jewelry! Zoom calls and Facetimes aren’t going away any time soon, so one of the best ways to stand out is to wear pieces that people won’t forget! Here are our top tips on how to pull off statement jewelry. 


Don’t mix patterns

The great thing about statement pieces is that they allow you to wear a top or dress that is a little on the safe side. You don’t want to wear clothing with a lot of patterns or that are too busy. This won’t allow your statement piece to shine and instead might make your outfit distracting. One of our favorite ways to wear a statement necklace is to wear a plain high-neck top and pair it with the Gold Retro Multi-layer Coin necklace. 


Do Mix Up Pieces

Wearing a statement necklace and statement earrings? Try mixing it up by adding a ring or bangle instead.  Wearing too many pieces close together can be very distracting, especially if you have an important meeting. Our Rose Gold Crystal Ring pairs perfectly with simple earrings like sparkly studs. This allows the attention to focus on your statement piece like the ring. 


Don’t forget about your hair

When thinking about how to style statement jewelry, one of the biggest things people forget about is how they style their hair! If you’re wearing a pair of statement earrings like our, Blue & White Crystal Earrings, you’ll definitely want to make sure your hair is pulled back and out of your face so people will be able to see the earrings. One of the best hairstyles we can recommend to show off your new statement jewelry is a low bun or a sleek, high ponytail! 


Do go out of your comfort zone (a little)

Wearing a piece that makes a statement can be a little overwhelming at first, but don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. One of our favorite statement, yet subtle, pieces are the Gold Leopard Head Bracelet. This piece features a beautiful gold color along with details of the leopard print. The statement bracelet also brings in some color of blues on the leopard’s eyes. 


Wearing statement jewelry shouldn’t feel intimidating, instead rock that statement piece confidently by following our tips. What are your favorite ways to wear your statement jewelry? Let us know on our Instagram by clicking here. 

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