Zoom Meeting Fashion : How to Look Your Best

In March 2020, when the corona virus shut-downs of businesses and schools across the globe hit us by surprise, we have quickly gotten used to a now, very common phrase: “Let’s connect over Zoom”. Although already used by most business before the pandemic, online meetings via this software has sky rocketed in their usage. Given this, you may be wondering how to remain professional, and approachable during these meetings. Here are our top tips for your next Zoom meeting and how to look your best:

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The Essentials

The most crucial tip is of course great lighting. As you may have guessed, natural light works best. But before jumping on your call, test the light in your house in different rooms using the front camera on your phone. Sitting right in front of a window will offer the best lighting in most cases.

Another very important step is to de-clutter your home and have a clean background. What’s more unprofessional than a messy work space? Although this step is crucial, if de-cluttering is not an option, or you are still not pleased with your background after doing so, no need to worry – you can change your background in Settings before joining the call. You will have an option of different backgrounds such as the beach, the outer space, or simply a modern home.

These are the basics, and read more to get tips on Zoom meeting fashion.

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Zoom Meeting Fashion

Don’t forget to wear jewelry. Keep it simple- opt-in for something that will be seen like a necklace or earrings, but keep it minimalist. Make sure your pieces are not distracting to you or your business meeting participants.

Another critical step is to keep your hair neat. Brush your hair, and make your face visible by using barrettes or a hair band to move hair away from the face.

Don’t forget a light makeup look, or use Zoom’s Touch Up My Appearance function. If you are not really a huge fan of make up, don’t worry just yet, Zoom got you covered! You can now use a feature called Touch Up My Appearance. It’s a filter that helps to smooth over your appearance, and making your skin look fresh and even toned. Here is how you can use this feature:

Enter your meeting, then click the up arrow next to Start Video. Click Video Settings, and under My Video, check the box for Touch Up My Appearance.
Now you are more prepared to enter your next Zoom call in style and as professional as possible.

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